About Us

about us

Premier Taxis Pte Ltd. is a fully owned subsidiary of Premier Corporation Pte Ltd, a leading local car rental and Fleet Management Service Provider since 1995. The company was formed when the holding company was granted a Taxi Operator’s License following the deregulation of the Taxi Industry in 2003.

Since the launch of our first SilverCabs in March 2004, Premier is uniquely positioned to respond to our passengers’ demands for quality service, and safe and comfortable rides. Premier Taxis takes pride in delivering the highest quality taxi rides offered in the country and aims to distinguish ourselves as a Premium taxi operator by selecting only the finest vehicles to match our superior customer service. Our taxi drivers are trained to meet the expectations of the discerning public.

After the acquisition of Premier Group by Carros Project Management Pte Ltd in August 2022, the new management continued to uphold the tradition of delivering the highest quality taxi rides while expanding the car rental business, which includes but not limited to taxi leasing and private hire leasing.

To further improve our service standards to our extended business partners, the company set up Premier Automotive Services, with 2 full-fledged vehicle Service Centres with the sole purpose of providing a one-stop solution in dealing with all vehicle related issues. With our expanding fleet, Premier Automotive Services also caters to the logistical needs of our entire fleet of vehicles. Both workshops are fully equipped with top-of-the-line equipment and with skilled mechanics who are well-experienced. Premier Automotive Services also frequently conduct Research and Development to see how to better improve the drivability of the vehicles we service. We are committed to both our taxi drivers and our commuters!