Code of Conduct

We must deliver a high level of customer service to compete successfully in the industry. Excellent customer service is the underlying reason to gaining greater market share, higher customer loyalty, and higher demand for value-added services.


  • Dress professionally, in collar shirt, tailored pants and covered shoes.
  • Be friendly, courteous, and helpful.
  • Smile and practice safe driving habits at all times.
  • Behave appropriately in the presence of passengers, especially those of the opposite sex.
  • Always keep your taxi and taxi boot clean.
  • Display the correct Driver ID Card on the front windscreen during your shift.
  • Assist passengers with physical disabilities or bulky items that require special attention.
  • Ensure passengers' belongings such as luggage are safely and firmly fastened in the taxi boot before proceeding with the trip.
  • Remember to turn on the taxi meter only when passengers are on board. If you do not have enough change for the fare and passengers request to change smaller notes at the retail outlet or petrol kiosk mid-journey, stop the taxi meter. Resume only when the passengers return to the taxi.
  • Remember to collect the correct fare and return the correct change.
  • Keep small notes and loose change with you at all times.
  • Return all lost & found items to the passenger, office or police station in the shortest time possible.


  • Consume food or smoke in your taxi.
  • Overcharge.
  • Challenge passengers to complain against you.
  • Start an argument with a passenger. If need be, seek help from the Customer Service Centre at 6476-3033.
  • Pick and choose passengers for flag down.
  • Miss job bookings which you had accepted.
  • Pick up the wrong passenger for booking jobs.
  • Cancel a booking job without a valid reason when you had confirmed one.
  • Talk on mobile phone or any other communication device without using a hands-free kit or engage in long conversations while driving with passenger on board.
  • Read or send SMS while taxi is in motion.